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The EXPO Collective

October 4, 2013 Leave a comment
Save the Date

Save the Date

What is the EXPO Collective? People have been asking for some time. Actually, since we started putting it out there. The EXPO Collective started because a trio of us decided that we could put on events in Pilsen and organize artists for quarterly events with our partners over at BLUE 1647, located at 1647 South Blue Island.

What we want to do is integrate the community in a new and progressive way of looking at art. Though the beauty comes from the visual aesthetic, what we want to do is create a hodgepodge of different art that works together. Yes, we could be considered, simply enough, party planners. But the entirety of the event is meant to give a well-rounded and sensory experience, full of sound and insight into new art work.

This is our goal. We will be working toward this as we continue to put the events together. The neighborhood will be involved, and its residents, artistic and full of life will be the creators.

Among other things, the EXPO Collective plans on being a portal; a way to find new artists to bring into the community and a way to expose neighborhood artists to the rest of the city.

Yes, we have big plans and it will only work with the support of our friends and artists. Your support is very much appreciated. Currently, a main supporter of ours is Arte y Vida Chicago, who has been a supporter of the arts in Chicago, and more, Hispanic art and culture, for six years publicly and going strong.

If you know of artists who would like to get involved, please let us know by filling out the form below or finding us one of the following ways:

You can follow each of us on Twitter: @Kiki416 @RohoArte @NACOArt

Follow us on Tumblr:

Like us on Facebook:

Use the hash tag: #EXPOCollective

Email us at: expo.collectivo (at) gmail (dot) com