Studio Mangiameli, Chicago’s Little Corner of Spain

By Christina E. Rodriguez

Chiara Mangiameli, who has been a resident instructor at the Flamenco Arts Center for the past four years, is opening her own studio at 4107 W. Belmont in Chicago. The native Italian has performed across national and international stages, graduating from The Theater School at DePaul University.

“I’ve always dreamt of opening my own studio where I can create an environment that reflects my aesthetic; who I am as a teacher and performer,” says Mangiameli, who holds much notable experience to her name as a dancer and instructor.

A vital part of her studio will be its aesthetic, a unique collection of art pieces that Mangiameli has collected over the years from her various trips to Seville in the Andalucía region of Spain, where she traveled to study the art form.

“I’ve spent a long time collecting photographs and artwork that inspire me and feed the work that I do,” she says. “I’m excited to have a space where I can be surrounded by images of the dancers, teachers, and environments that I have admired and been inspired by over the years.”

Studio Mangiameli will host flamenco classes in every level of technique and choreography as well as cante, flamenco singing, and palmas, rhythmic hand clapping. She will also host Pilates classes for strength and conditioning.

“In my new studio I feel that I have been able to create my own little corner of Spain,” says Mangiameli, “where I hope to continue sharing the love of what I teach and have learned over time, with students and aficionados of this wonderful art form.”

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