Juanes’ P.A.R.C.E. Tour

By Christina E. Rodriguez

As the lights shut off at the Rosemont Theater, the token of every woman’s affection appeared on stage surrounded by screens and digital rays of lights. Juan Esteban was only a little creature among frame of images surrounding him on stage, yet his voice echoed as an exact replica of his albums.

Juanes, on his P.A.R.C.E. tour, short-haired and energetic as ever, ran around on stage, his backdrop changing with every song. From green to red to white, the lights and energy displayed on stage was a spectacle in itself.

Although this tour reflected his recent album released by Universal Records Latino 2010, the mixture of old and new kept the audience dancing, on their feet and singing lyrics from Un Dia Normal and Fijate Bien. Playing an encore, it can be expected now that his very last song will always be A Dios Le Pido, the Colombian melody that attracted the hearts of fans all over the world from the Un Dia Normal album. Written in honor of his warring country, A Dios Le Pido might as well be his anthem.

Adoring fans reached out to him, blowing him kisses and posing near his legs throughout his approximately 90 minute show. Smiling and generous, the metal-head-turned-pop-artist bent down to touch fans’ hands, arms and sing to particular women.

Different, a more mature Juanes stood on stage that Wednesday night. Always a preachy peace-lover, his world-renowned stardom hasn’t change him much, but has given him more confidence in speaking about loving one another and thanking all of those 2,800 paid-ticket fans who came out to support him, yet again.

As an artist that has not only claimed fame in the Latino world, but the Anglo world as well, Juanes has definitely reached his prime as a musician, peace-maker and entertainer, going everywhere fast.

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