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“Celebrating the Establishment” Applauds South Side Mexican Culture

Jasso, Naco, MSilva Exhibit Cultural Art at Little Village’s Prosper Skate Shop


In an effort to share in the cultural celebration of Chicago’s “Capital of the Mexican Midwest,” three artists
known for their street art and illustrations will be exhibiting their work Friday, July 5, 2013 at Prosper skate shop located at 2620 S. Central Park, from 6 to 10 p.m. in the heart of La Villita.

The exhibit titled “Celebrating the Establishment,” honors the 40-year foundation of Mexican culture on the city’s Southwest Side.


The Little Village corridor has proven its worth and wealth and is only second to the Magnificent Mile in annual revenue. To increase the worth of the culture, these individuals hope that this exhibit encourages the creative stimulation of art within the Little Village boundaries.

Naco, Jasso and MSilva have worked together in different capacities in the past years lending a visually artistic hand to communal efforts and educational art programming on the South Side. Their next conjoined effort will go toward the development and execution of a mural, located in Little Village community, meant to spread peace, prosperity and to share in the celebration of culture. Fundraising efforts for this endeavor will begin the night of the exhibit.


Naco and Jasso have been known for their street art in the form of murals and wheat pastes along the 26th street corridor, while MSilva has leant a hand to the creation of posters, signs and banners for community events and organizations.

About the Artists:

Naco: With a BFA in Illustration from the American Academy of Art, Naco has experience in teaching and decorating underserviced communities that lack exposure to art.

MSilva:  MSilva graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in graphic design. He also works with various mediums such as screen printing, illustration, wood carving and paper making.

Jasso:  Known for his wheat pasting and street art, Jasso works with mediums such as acrylic, spray paint and on various surfaces including canvas and fabrics.

Please RSVP to the even on Facebook!

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