I’m ready to take that next level and pursue my career further. This is a stepping stone for what’s to come.” –Lex Boogie

Lex_EP_frontSince the age of 14, Lex Boogie already knew he wanted to step into the music business. Growing up in Logan Square, on Chicago’s north side, the part Irish, part Puerto Rican was surrounded by the heavy-based, urban flavor that has represented Chicago for decades.

On May 30, Lex will drop his second EP titled, “The Guapo Slim EP.” Excited to be moving this year-long project forward, the 29-year-old says that inspiration for the seven listed tracks derives from everything he has experienced; from his daily 9-to-5 to past relationships. Compared to his first EP, released in 2010 “Work Hard, Play Harder,” this project is a step in the progressive, developmental direction and is reintroducing Lex Boogie as an artist on a different level.

“This is more grown. It’s more listener-friendly. Other artists can tell that I’ve grown as an artist when listening to this,” says Lex. “The snowball is growing. Every time I get back in the studio, I feel better than before.”

The music that Lex produces aims to set a bar, not only for himself as an artist, but for the whole Hip-Hop community.

“My work is really positive. I don’t say anything negative about anybody. I don’t feed into that machine,” he said. “It’s trying to set the bar, set the tone of what Hip-Hop should be nowadays.”

In addition to setting the bar, Lex also infuses the ethnic cultures that he can’t separate himself from.  “Both Irish and Puerto Rican cultures play into my production,” he said. “Both sides have a heavy influence in who I am today, as far as my music goes.”

For this artist, the opportunity to work with other game-changers has been a blessing in itself. Tracks featuring Chach and 360-Tha Mack, will be found on “The Guapo Slim EP.” Producers of the EP include The Beat Boys, Ty Trax, Serious Beats, Custom Made Beats, all of whom have inspired the work that was put into the EP.

“I’ve been blessed with people who have been schooling me on what to do and what not to do,” said Lex. “Every time I meet up with these guys, it’s always a learning process. As I continue, I’m only working harder.”

“The Guapo Slim EP” is only one of three projects Lex plans to drop this year alone. “If people enjoy this, they’re going to love what’s coming next,” he said. “This EP is a transition that’s going to move into my next project.”

Listen to “The Guapo Slim EP” now.

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